Joining the Networking Toolchest

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to grow your Shaklee business, AND build a team, the Networking Toolchest may be the perfect vehicle. With 16 presentations ready and waiting, plus special handouts and training, we can help make you look good.

Each Presentation Includes:

1. An online powerpoint you can use to present using screensharing -whether in person, or over Zoom (or any screensharing site). These presentations are always up to date, and many even contain videos embedded in them to make your job easier and make you look more professional.

2. A video recording of the presentation you can use to show someone in person, or screenshare with Zoom

3. A special web site (we call them Satellite Sites) that you can send your prospects to. When they visit the site, YOU receive notification that they visited so you can follow up!

4. A script you can use to make the presentation. Note: because the slides are very simple and professionally designed, you can actually just talk through them, and make it more of a conversation than a presentation.

We suggest starting prospects by helping them discover their "why" and then move them through our "Activity Cycle" from Introduce, to Explore, Evaluate, Plan and then Act. Our presentations can be used in order, or you can tailor what you share with each individual prospect. Here is a list of presentations available to you.

Handouts & Tools To Use For Growth:

In addition to the presentations, Toolchest subscribers have access to specially designed handouts. These include things like: "Ways To Join Flyer" - "Compensation Plan Flyer" - "How Do You Feel Flyer" - "Which Products Do You Use Flyer" - "Team Building Flyer" - and more!

How To Join The Networking Toolchest

Once you've gone through the information on this page, we hope you'll want to see how our tools can help YOU build your Shaklee business. We offer month-to-month memberships, or you can save by paying for 6-months, or annually. All memberships renew automatically, and you can cancel anytime. We do offer refunds if you cancel within 14-days. Otherwise you'll keep access until the end of your term.

If you are ready to join us, simply follow this link.

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Your Cost:

Our goal has always been to make the Networking Toolchest affordable for the newest distributor, and valuable for seasoned veterans. You can subscribe for as little as $12.50/month (paid annually).

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Registration Information

The Networking Toolchest is available for Shaklee members of all ranks.

We have members who are brand new to Shaklee, and just starting out. And, we have many high ranking leaders with decades of experience.

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Build your business faster by using our high quality presentations. They help explain how the business works, and why your prospect should partner with you!


Professionally designed handouts & flyers to help build your business and explain how it works.

Webinars & Training

Live training webinars from top sales leaders exclusively for Toolchest subscribers.

A Health Worth Finding

A brand new presentation and marketing system designed to help new business builders share Shaklee nutrition easily.

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