Networking Toolchest Presentations

Below are the current presentations available inside the Networking Toolchest. Most are available as an online presentation, a recorded video, and a freestanding "Satellite Site" that you can send prospects to. Each is designed to let you show your prospect whatever aspect you think he or she would like to know: "opportunity" "products" "lifestyle" "how to." You can also spend time helping them determine their "why" as they go through many of the presentations.

Note: The idea is not to show them many presentations, it's to show them the "right" presentation.

Creating Possibilities

An introductory presentation to show how we can create a better lifestyle . . . and help people discover their possibilities.

Napkin Presentation

The Shaklee story: introducing Dr. Shaklee, his philosophy and Network Marketing in a simple way.

Taking A Look

This presentation is completely non-branded (no mention of Shaklee) and designed to accompany Richard Bliss Brooke's "The Four Year Career - Masters Edition" book.

Exploring Possibilities

Let's explore what it would be like to work with WORLD CLASS PARTNERS and create a million dollar annuity, and a lifetime of income.

A Health Worth Finding

“A Health Worth Finding” emphasizes the need to move our thinking from "Sick Care" to "Well Care." It positions us in a very competitive marketplace.

Work From Anywhere

This is a site that highlight's Roger Barnett's address about the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the world, and how Shaklee can make a difference. This is designed for you to share with your friends (and prospects) as you suggest alternative ways they can earn an income and truly work from anywhere.

Evaluating Possibilities

It's time to start consider choosing the "consumer" or the "career" category. We explain how to move forward from here, as we enter into the "planning" phase.

Rewrite Your Future

How Network Marketing might be the perfect vehicle to survive . . . AND thrive in the New Economy!

See The Numbers

See The Numbers explains the Shaklee compensation plan in depth. It covers all the streams of income including the Base Compensation Plan, Infinity Bonuses, Success Bonuses, plus Cars & Trips.

A Strategic Plan

Help your new builder for 21K rewards, bonuses, cars & trips. [this is being updated]

Your Plan Of Action

We're now ready to move from "Evaluate" into "Act." Your Plan of Action is a presentation designed to help your builder begin moving forward with their business.

The Sponsoring Process

The Sponsoring Process explains how to approach new people and how to use the "Business Activity Cycle" to help you create a never ending flow of prospects for your Shaklee business.

The Ladder Of Health

Moving toward Optimum Health by climbing the "ladder of health." This introduced Me+ology.

A Nutrition Solution

A simple way to explain why we all need a solid nutrition plan, and why Shaklee is the right choice. Introduces Me+ology.

Building A Healthy House

An easy to share presentation that helps people understand the value of a nutritional program.

Using Greener Cleaners

Introducing Shaklee Get Clean products and the need for "greener" cleaners.

Why Collagen Matters

Introducing Shaklee's new Collagen-9 product. An easy to share presentation about why Collagen is so important.

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A Health Worth Finding

A brand new presentation and marketing system designed to help new business builders share Shaklee nutrition easily.

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