Welcome to the Networking Toolchest

The Networking Toolchest is a collection of carefully crafted "presentations & conversations" that you can use right away to help YOU look professional, as you introduce Shaklee to new prospects and current members. Each presentation is designed to act as a "conversation" you can have with your prospect, or be shared as a recorded presentation for them to watch on their own (or with you).

It's all about CONNECTION and TRUST.

Toolchest presentations ("conversations") are designed to help you CONNECT with your prospect in a very positive way. As you continue connecting, you build TRUST with your prospect, as they discover the benefits of what we offer, and how they can achieve them.

We suggest starting new prospects by helping them discover their "why" and then move them through our "Activity Cycle" from Introduce, to Explore, Evaluate, Plan and then Act (see chart on right). Our materials can be used in order, or you can tailor what you share with each individual prospect.

In addition, we have professionally designed handouts you can use right away, plus regular training and inspirational Webinars by seasoned leaders to help you grow.

Connecting With The Toolchest

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll find inside the Toolchest.

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A Sample Presentation

The "20K Plan" - How you can build a business in 2024 and earn an additional $20,000 in bonus income by building a team!

Hint: hit the full screen button for best viewing.

More About Us

The Networking Toolchest is a joint effort by top Shaklee Sales Leaders to bring you up to date presentations, professional training, webinars & colorful handouts that you can use to build your business.

Who Should Subscribe?

The materials inside the Networking Toolchest are suitable for anyone interested in building a large successful organization in Shaklee. This includes:

  • Active Leaders who want help building their downlines by having access to the very best training and presentations available! 

  • Established Sales Leaders who wish to learn new techniques and brush up on their skills.

  • New Ambassadors who want to hit the ground running and build their business. 

If you have any questions about registration, or how you can take advantage of this site, please e-mail us at: networkingtoolchest@gmail.com.


The Networking Toolchest is available for Shaklee members of all ranks.

We have members who are brand new to Shaklee, and just starting out. And, we have many high ranking leaders with decades of experience.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can become a member, please click "Join Us" below.



Build your business faster by using our high quality presentations. They help explain how the business works, and why your prospect should partner with you!


Professionally designed handouts & flyers to help build your business and explain how it works.

Webinars & Training

Live training webinars from top sales leaders exclusively for Toolchest subscribers.

A Health Worth Finding

A brand new presentation and marketing system designed to help new business builders share Shaklee nutrition easily.

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