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Effect on Workforce: Effect of Globalization:YOUR REPLACEMENT: Robots are now able to do many jobs done by humans.Jobs lost from outsourcing*:The New Economy Affects Everybody . . .We are living through the biggest economic shift in our lifetime . . . the impact is real, personal and far reaching.n Displaced by technology.n Fewer full-time jobs.n Lower wages.n Reduced bargaining power.n Manufacturing: 53% n IT Services: 43%n R&D: 38%n Distribution: 26%n Call Center: 12%*Statistic Brain 10/1014The New Economy has changed the rules:n Middle class is under siege. n Since 2,000, more people inmiddle class are falling to the bottom. n Unretirement.THE NEW WORLD OF WORKWORKERS ARE REPLACEABLEWORKERS WITHOUT WEALTH

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