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Thursday, November 13, 2014
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Announcing the

What if you had a simple handout that you could use time and again to introduce the concept of Shaklee and the business opportunity?

What if this package were colorful, affordable and contained one of the best audio presentations available on why network marketing is the perfect profession?

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Build Your Business With The Leadership Pack

Every successful business leader knows the value of using the proper tools to help their new builders start off right. The LEADERSHIP Pack is designed to provide them with a great assortment of both learning AND prospecting tools, and at an incredible price!

This package contains books, CDs, plus a special page on your Shaklee PWS (Personal Web Site).

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Welcome to the Beach Toolchest!

The Beach Toolchest is a joint effort by top Shaklee Sales Leaders to bring you up to date presentations, professional training, webinars & colorful handouts that you can use to build your business.

If you have any questions about registration or how YOU can take advantage of this site, please e-mail us at: networkingtoolchest@gmail.com.


Meet Carolyn & Eddie Wightman

Shaklee Presidential Master Coordinators

Carolyn joined Shaklee in 1970, and today her organization has annual sales in excess of $5 million. She believes tht the combination of her efforts, and a world-class company enable her to have an impact in the world every day.

Her husband, Captain Eddie, is a career world-class sport fishing guide specializing in bonefish and tarpon in the shallow waters of the Florida Bay and Everglades National Park.

Language for 21st Century Communications with Carolyn Wightman

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the Beach Toolchest, click here.

Build your business faster by using our high quality presentations. They help explain how the business works, and why your prospect should partner with you!

Ongoing training is critical for your growth. Learn from prerecorded presentations by top sales leaders.

Live webinars from top sales leaders exclusively for Toolchest subscribers.

Professionally designed handouts & flyers to help build your business.

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