Healthy House Handouts

Feel free to download these FREE handouts. They are designed as companion pieces to go along with your "Build A Healthy House" DVDs. Simply click on the image to open it on your computer, "right click" on the image to dowload it.

This 5 1/2" flyer can be used as a postcard mailer or as a handout.

The "How Do You Feel Today" flyer has been adapted for the "Building A Healthy House" presentation. Use it to help your customer see the difference in 30-days, and also make targeted suggestions!

Here's a simple order form to go along with the "Building A Healthy House" presentation. It does not have pricing, so it will work in both the United States and Canada.

This 23-minute DVD is the perfect handout to build your Shaklee nutrition business!

It introduces them to a simple concept: building health is very much like building a house. You start with a solid foundation, and move up.

  • FEELING GOOD isn't luck
  • MINIMUM investment

Fun, easy to understand presentation. It's simple to use and has been field tested with great results!

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