Turbocharge your Shaklee business
with the EXPLORE Pack!

Introducing the new EXPLORE Pack!

Rewritten - cover to cover and 4-new pages added. The EXPLORE Pack is the perfect way to introduce NEW people to your Shaklee business!

Next Step Handouts:

Short Stories - Life changing short stories about success with Shaklee's nutritional products.

How do you feel today? - A short questionnaire your prospect can take to compare their heatlh today and 30-days from today!



Click to view pages of the EXPLORE Pack.

Click to view pages of the EXPLORE Pack!

What if you had a simple 16-page booklet that you could use time and again to introduce the concept of Shaklee and the business opportunity? What if this package were colorful, affordable and contained one of the best audio presentations available on why network marketing is the perfect profession?

The EXPLORE Pack answers the questions you want asked, like:
  • Does your financial plan include creating independent income?
  • The top reasons to explore entrepreneurship.
  • Who we are (your business partner).
  • Who we partner with (why Shaklee is the perfect choice).
  • Others have done it you can do.
  • Employee or entrepreneur - which would you rather be in the 21st Century?
We also include Robert Kiyosaki's CD: "The Business of the 21st Century" in each EXPLORE Pack.

"Robert Kiyosaki has built several multimillion dollar businesses. As such, he is a good person to objectively critique the business of network marketing. In this CD, he lays down the reasons why network marketing is the best way for the average person today to build a significant asset that will permit them to live and retire in freedom.

He spends the first half of the CD explaining why the old path to Industrial Age financial success — "get a good education, find a good job, work hard for forty years, invest in stocks and real estate, etc." — no longer works in the Information Age. The second half of the CD explains what network marketing is, what it is not, and why it is the best option to create personal income security today.

Kiyosaki lends his substantial credibility to this much-misunderstood business to clear away the misconceptions that keep many prospects from joining. He demolishes objections one by one so that those who are determined to succeed in "The New Economy" will see that only network marketing offers all the benefits of a huge business, with none of the risk, expense, and complexity."

EXPLORE Pack with CD

Pricing Information:

1 EXPLORE Pack with CD - $10, plus $4.00 shipping = $14.00

3 EXPLORE Packs with CD - $25, plus $8.00 shipping = $33.00

10 EXPLORE Packs with CD - $50, plus $10.00 shipping = $60.00

25 EXPLORE Packs with CD - $112.50, plus $12.50 shipping = $125.00

We ship USPS Priority Mail for all multi-packs and first class mail for single pack in the United States.*

*Add $20 for shipping to Canada (regardless of quantity).

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